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What You Get:

*Wake Up Your Sleeping Social Media Networks 
*Peers Working Together To Enhance Your Network
*Free Sales Training That Will Develop Work Skills 
*Tax Deductible Donations And Tax Free Income  
*Save On Purchases From A Merchant Who Donates A Portion Of Sales Proceeds To Us. 
*Passive Income, Business Capital, And A Loyal, Local Client Base
*Award If Your Photo Wearing Clothes Or Using Items You Bought Wins Best Photo Contest.
*A $1,000 Plus Line Of Credit You Can Pay Back At Your Own Pace
*Increased Business, Personal, Retirement And Beneficiary Estate Planning Income

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Savings and Discounts:
The Current BOGO includes products from four well known nationwide catalog shopping companies.   To read or print information and a list of products click here.
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Get a $25 Bonus: Apply and Say Veronica Evans, Member# 3452167 referred me.